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 Employer LMIA  
We help Employers apply to get the approval from Service Canada to look for the next "qualified hire" outside of the traditional Canadian labor market.
Work Permits
Looking to work in Canada? We can help you understand options and provide guidance to apply. We take the time to look at options finding the best way. 
We take the time to help you understand your immigration options and plan how to efficiently move to Canada. We work with both employers and Medical professionals  to coordinate the process. 
Casual Work Meeting
Smiling Modern Business Woman
If you have the next world changing idea we can help you realize your dream in Canada. Canada wants entrepreneurs and we can help you understand how to succeed at making the best application.
 Business Owner 
Have you ever owned or managed a business overseas? Are you looking for a new venture, we understand the process and will help you apply for the best option.
Permit Extensions 
Visitor, Work and Student permit extensions should not be stressful.  We can help apply and make your best case.
istockphoto-950910912-612x612-Canada Map
 Permanent Residence  
We can help you formalize your status as a Permanent Resident on the way to Canadian Citizenship
Citizenship Application 
Time to make it official. All the efforts and sacrifices have now paid off. We can help you effectively complete the last step to becoming a Canadian Citizen.
 Family Sponsorship
Family is important.  We can help bring your family together in Canada. We understand the rules to help you make the best case 
Job Interview
School Application
STD Visa/Interview/Proof
 Student Visa
Want to study in Canada? You will need permission and a student visa. We can help you with that.
 Interview Preparation
Do you want to make the best impression you can? Do you need  help with the preparation part? We can help.
 Document Review
Ok. You have done it all on your own. We can be the second set of eyes that you need to make your best application.
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