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Recommendations for Budget 2021

Canadian business leaders have sent a list of pre-budget recommendations to the Canadian government, calling for a focus on long-term growth and job creation.

The Business Council of Canada’s open letter to Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland outlined seven key recommendations to promote economic recovery. Among these recommendations, the author, highlighted the importance of facilitating immigration for skilled foreign workers.

“We need to cultivate and enhance our human capital by developing a more agile and adaptable workforce, doing more to help young Canadians build rewarding careers, and enhancing our immigration system to make our country an even more powerful magnet for international talent.” Wrote Hyder the President and Chief Executive Officer, Business Council of Canada.

Hyder, called on the federal government to remove barriers to labour market integration. He drew attention to foreign credential recognition, which can prevents highly skilled workers from working in their fields.

The letter remined the Government that low-wage, immigrant workers have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. The author notes that many of these recently displaced workers will need to be retrained in order to return to work.

“The federal government should work with employers, provinces and territories to develop a comprehensive skills agenda that prepares displaced workers for new careers in sectors where talent is in high demand,” Hyder said in the letter, calling for training initiatives that are “business-led and results-driven.” He specifically touted the models of Palette, a not-for-profit that offers training in sales and cybersecurity, and the Business and Higher Education Roundtable, which offers work-integrated learning.

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